Day 2…And the calroies pile on!

And I am surprising myself by being back on the blog.
Time seems to multiply without kiddo and hubby around.
And whats more surprising is-I cant enjoy it half as much as I had imagined I could/would.

Went for a really long walk on the beach this evening-reminded me of good ole Chennai and the many evenings spent with friends or mum and dad strolling on the beach and looking longingly at ice cream vans. The difference was-all grown up and my own master-with nothing preventing me from buying the frozen goodies…all I could think of is how much Arjun would have enjoyed himself if he were…and then the ice cream didnt hold any appeal!

But hey…this is supposed to be my travelogoue…so lets not turn into into a monologue about Arjun.

So at this point you get to ask some questions:
1. ‘How is the weather’ did you say?
Well, if you ask me-too hot!! 30C at night? That beats the hottest UK summer daytime temp this year.
But every Israeli I meet tells me my visit is well planned as the weather has improved since last week and has become much warmer!! Huh!
I do remember my days in Chennai…but what I remember better is the last five years in London-and hey! we consider 30-really warm!!
Incidentally thats one thing in common between the Brits and the Israelis-they love to talk about the weather!A minor difference too-the Brits always complain whereas this lot seems v pleased-dont blame them!

2. Oh so now you want to know ‘Did I do any shopping’
Nope! Which if you are my husband-is very good news! But the bad news is-thats only because I havent been out in the market so far. Doesnt mean I dont intend to visit anyplace-I shall go sometime later this week and you shall hear all about it!

3. And do I plan to visit anyplace?
Well! Surprise!! I am here on work, so-NO!
But what about the weekend? Well!! Surprise again!
This Friday and Saturday is a special weekend-once every year, on this special day(havent yet picked up the name), people fast for 24 hours, try to use minimal resources, all vehicles are banned from the road, airports close down, shops areclosed-its as it city goes into hibernation and only thing you are allowed to is-walk. People come out in hordes to walk on the street. Apparently there is also a religious significance. Shall find out more and let you know. I am sure it will be a special experience watching all this.
At the same time, a bit sad as this means I dont get to do any sightseeing!
okay, scratch that-make it VERY sad! And they think my visit was good timing…if you ask me, it seems quiet the opposite..
But musnt complain-how often do you get to see a busy city go slow on life-it will be an experience of a kind and am looking forward to it.
it does however mean I need to stock up on food as nothing will be served from Friday afternoon to Saturday night!

4….Oh stop!
No more questions today!
If you are really even bothering with visiting this blog anymore-you can ask and I shall answer!

Otherwise…speak to you morrow then!

And btw-I am still a brave girl! I may miss Arjun, but I dont call him and ask him why he let me go…thats very very grown up. Isnt it?


One Response to Day 2…And the calroies pile on!

  1. Pallavi says:

    Awww…. Mamma’s feeling homesick!!! Did you say you haven’t been to the market yet? Silly girl! Where are your priorities? And I can totally understand the ‘not enjoying even half as much’ as you would when you are with your boys…. sigh! I guess its little separations like these that make us appreciate our loved ones even more!!! Come back soon!

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