Day 1…Tel Aviv

Now I could start this post by explaining where I have been since my last post about a year(or more)ago…but that would take a lot of time and when I finish I will be too bored to get on and start about the title of this blog…

So let me do the lengthy explanations some other time…

Me, a colleague from work and many other boisterous, sleep and ill-humoured passengers landed at Tel Aviv early this morning on the day that the Israeli clock changes. So Israel is now just one hour behind U.K…

My first impression of the city as I drove from the airport to the hotel was that it reminded me a lot of Mumbai-hot, humid, huge and very alive! After staying in UK, where national speed limits mean that you are never travelling fast enough for the wind to ruffle your hair, it was quiet exciting to be driven around by a loony driver who seemed to enjoy honking, braking and racing almost as much as my slightly impatient dad in Mumbai does.

After checking in to my sea view hotel room on the 18th floor of a decent 5(supposedly) star hotel, I played around with the telly and dozed off to sleep.

Woke up in 2 hours-a tad disoriented and very very hungry!
Breakfast was shocking! I dont believe I have ever seen so much variety of cakes, cheeses,fruits and egg recipes on the same floor.A rich and very calorie laden brekkie of some v yummy cakes and mediterranean dishes-the names of which I can neither pronounce nor spell, made me realise that unless I leave this place soon, I will be shopping for clothes in the next size-very soon!

After breakfast we took a cab to the Fundtech office-which brings me to the purpose of my visit-business. And incase you havent guessed, it means that I am traveling without family-my first time ever away from Arjun. Incidentally we bade each other a very cheerful goodbye at the airport and my son has officially grown up….I hope he misses me atleast a teeny weeny bit though…because I miss him loads!
But If I start to write about the dearie….you wont hear anything about Tel Aviv…which may suit you, but wont suit me…being away from Arjun and writing about him, would put me in a melancholy mood!

So back to talking about work…oh , but that makes me just as sad(and you too I am sure).

So how about I skip to the part that makes me happy instead…which incase you havent guessed yet-is food again!
Just have to tell you about this really yummy lunch I had at this place called Schnetzel factory! Originally a Vieniese dis, Israeli Schnetzcel is basically chicken breaded with egg yolk and fried with spices. This was served with Rice with Tahini sauce that tasted a lot like the Fodnicha bhaat mum makes and green beans with seasame-my idea of a healthy portion. Would have worked if they had gone less generous on the oil. All this served with some very yummy humous, pitta, pickled veggies and a radish version of coleslaw.
Without a doubt the tastiest food I have had in ages and in a very local joint-which meanI paid a fair 40sheckels (approx7.5 pounds).

Lunch was followed by several hours of gruelling work…now dont picture me picking and moving boulders…work in my world is sending emails, updating documents and speaking to people over the phone…so nothing at all to justify the meals:(
But hey…the brains needs its food too…and we dont use it sometimes…however inadvertently.

After a long day at work, I am now back in the hotel, making the most of free internet access at the Business lounge and trying to ignore that empty feeling in the pit of my stomach which is nothing to do with hunger(obvious-all that food!), but a lot to do with the sunny smile I havent seen all day and the crushing cuddle that I will have to do without for the next 10 odd days!
Not worried about the brat though-Ganapati Bappa is taking abode for the next 10 days as is one Mr Peeta…between them and in the company of a very capable Dadda, I know my cub is in safe hands…

As for my own self-sleeping without a leg constantly thereatening to strangle me and an arm that keeps reaching out to check that I havent slipped off to the next room-that will take some getting used to!

But its only day 1…Mamma is going to be a brave girl!

Off to bed now…and hopefully I shall post tomorrow…!

3 Responses to Day 1…Tel Aviv

  1. Pallavi says:

    Awwww…. that is just such a sweeet post!!! Yeah, you enjoy all the food you can (so I win the bet, if not by losing weight, atleast by gaining lesser compared to my arch rival ;-)). I really like your travel journal. Will be back to read more every day šŸ™‚ Btw, try to catch up on some shopping too šŸ˜‰

  2. sanyash says:

    Well…You could safely say I update this blog just for you…as not many others read it!
    So glad you enjoy reading it;)

  3. Uday says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha…….so the driver’s driving reminded u of me…:)

    And would reccomend you take fotos of the spread….

    so that even we will know what all was there to make u break your diet plan and make you go for week end “next size dress” purchase plan…..:)

    You have to be brave mommy …..afterall ….you have graduated from title ” brave daughter” …thats when you stayed alone….away from us.!!

    Tc and Enjoy….

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