I Exercise!

Not two words I often use in the same sentence, unless there is also a NEVER lurking shamelessly around.

I do however fund an Exercise Expense Account that would make a reed thin model proud.

Therefore, I am the affluent owner of the following gym equipment at home:

A Gym ball, which even Arjun doesn’t fancy anymore and has therefore been deflated! While it was still inflated, it made a nice play object for kicking around.
I would have used it! But its supposed to be used for Pilates. And everybody knows my problem is not flexibility. My problem is weight. Now why would I waste time on Pilates when I should be doing an aerobic workout!!
I was sure a cross trainer/walker would fix my problem…

A cross trainer– This was meant to be my tool of choice for an aerobic workout. But its turned out being very useful for hanging clothes or resting chairs or as a decorative corner piece-just the look we need for our lovely pig sty!
The one week I mustered enough motivation to actually use it for a while, the silly machine demotivated me by burning out its ball bearings! How am I supposed to continue using a piece of equipment that is downright insulting…wasn’t breaking down just a rude way of telling me I am too heavy? I don’t stand that sort of behaviour and I have relegated the offending cross trainer to its corner spot ever since.

A trampoline. Okay lets make that two trampolines. There is the one that we bought for Arjun which he seems to think he is too old for. There is one we bought for ourselves, which he is convinced he is just right for. But I worry that if he jumps on it with much too much enthusiasm, then he will take off and land in the upstairs neighbours house.
Not complaining though-because that way the trampoline atleast gets used! 😉
I ofcourse think it makes a great seating place and thats how I make the most of it.
Yeah, yeah…I know you are supposed to jump on it…but C’mon now!!! I have bought one haven’t I? Isnt that saying enough about my good intentions? Do I actually have to prove them further by using a jumping machine? How kiddish is that?
Maybe buying one wasn’t such a good idea after all…but atleast I can take solace in the fact that the one lying around at home is the best one in the market rather than something cheap that wouldn’t take my weight if I ever did decide to use it(Unless ofcourse by that time I am much heavier than I am now…)

Gym membership. Every person should have one. If you are posh, you should have two! I am not posh and therefore I only have one! And therein lies my problem. If I were a member of two gyms, then I would feel guilty enough and I would visit the gym.
Did you ask why I don’t feel guilty about paying one gym? Oh well…think about it! I have been paying one gym for very many years now…it’s a constant debit from my account of an amount I consider ‘not earned’…now I cant feel bad about losing something I don’t think I ever had…got it?
But if I did have two memberships-then that would be a different thing!
As for why I don’t go in the first place…Hmm…I don’t know…If I did go, I might remember why I don’t quiet enjoy it. Probably something to do with all that intimidating equipment that somehow doesn’t just move on its own to bring my body back in shape. For all the money I pay, those people in the gym don’t seem to be doing anything to help me! What a load of swindlers!
I think I just need something DIY and something that is a load of fun…maybe a playstation?

Wii. This was my latest investment and one I was particularly proud of! Not only did we buy a brand new Nintendo Wii, we have even bought a Wii balance board to go with it! And it was so much fun (in the beginning). The first two days after we bought it, I couldn’t stop using it-tennis, and jogging and hoola hoping and all sorts of fun things. But then on day 3 the most unfortunate thing happened. My muscles ached! That did it!
I was totally enjoying my games and play…why did that have to result in aches and pains. Now that’s treachery isn’t it? I wasn’t even warned!
That’s that…I watch Santo use it and I make encouraging noises when he scores a hit or wins a game. But if he expects me to join in on all that folly…tough luck! I am not getting tricked into using something that claims to be a game console and yet expects me to sweat!

Accessories. Numerous pairs of trainers and track pants and water bottles and earphone and sacks and all the good stuff that one needs to get going. If only I found the exercise that suited me, I would definitely make use of all my sporty collectables!

And then there are the smart Alecs who tell me that I don’t need equipments to get a work out. All I need to do is try some stomach crunches at home or go for brisk walks for 20 minutes everyday or try Yoga!
Yeah right…as if that would work! I walk to work everyday and it takes me all of 10 mins! It tires me so much that as soon as I come in I have a couple of biscuits and a nice tall cup of coffee. Yet inspite of that daily exercise, have I lost an inch? Nope!
So you expect me to believe that walking works? ‘Fat’ chance!
And Yoga-isnt it just sitting in one place and holding your breath or something-do it all the time.
And crunches!!!! Well, if I could do them, then I wouldn’t need to do them! I cant see my toes when I am standing or when I am lying down. To actually somehow get my body to reach them-try swapping bodies with me and you would know!!

Oh, but I am not upset! Or depressed!
I know they will come up with just the right sort of way for me to keep fit! Until then I shall just wait and continue to invest wisely in what is available today!

Infact I saw this advertisement for an abdominal crunch machine on teleshopping network, which I think would be just perfect for me. I think I shall just buy that one.
I am sure once I have bought the ab cruncher, I shall have a six pack just like the woman doing the demo and she was using it so effortlessly…it must mean that the machine is user friendly and very effective!

That’s that then…shall let you know how useful that one turns out to be!
Remember- Health is wealth and nothing is more important than investing in your fitness!

P.S: I wish I were only joking! But a lot of what I have said above is true! Whats worse, after suspending my gym membership some months back(stroke of reason), I am rejoining tomorrow and my body and my wallet are both mocking me already!


So far…not so good!

Just incase any of you are wondering how I am doing with those new year resolutions….Well, not doing much at all is the answer!!

Its depressing, if I think about the fact that the first month is almost over and in just 11 more such months, I will be taking abt the same set of resolutions all over again …excpet that I will be worse off than I was in end 2008 :((

Oh but time to cheer myself up…suppose its not all bad news!

So what if I havent been to the gym even once so far…atleast I have looked longingly at my gym bag every single day(Such a pity that alone doesnt help lose weight:(…) and promised myself that I shall go on the first day which is not a mad day at work!!

Talking about work…what an year it has been so far! I believe in getting paid, but I DO NOT believe in working hard. So I am very upset with my current work arrangement where I am actually being sincere and hard working…what good could ever come of that? But given the economic climate and the fact that my current employer may happily swap me for someone who would be willing to do twice my work for half my salary, I better keep my act together!
And jokes apart…I do enjoy what I am doing, so that is good! What is not good however, is that it means I get to spend less time with Arjun on weekdays 😦

What is also not good is the fact that I am left with little time to do all those other things on my 2009 TDL list-reading good books, pranayam, gym, elobarate healthy cooking…as dinner is often a quick fix and in trying to keep my time management act together, I do end up losing my patience!! 😦

But to say it like Scarellet O’ Hara would…’Tomorrow is another day’. And atleast I am writing this blog…so I havent dropped all the balls yet!

Next week, it will be some good news-Promise! 😉

(As if you care two pence about my gymming and blogging resolutions…but I like to think you do!)

Resolutions…same Ole, same ole…yet some new!

What I wrote in my drunken stupor on the 1st morning of 2009, just hours past midnight,, was perhaps not all in vain if this blog is still sitting here (even if I haven’t updated it since then).

The hangover from New Year festivities lasted all through the weekend, but starting this Monday I am a brand new girl, all ready to make 2009 a year of changes!

I think the last time I got all worked up about a new year resolution was when I was a teenager.
But closer to 30 than ever before, I think I need the shove to bring about a transformation; never more than now!

So here are some resolutions for that resolution tracker:

  1. Patience : At first I blamed it on growing up, then I blamed it on a demanding job, then I thought a change in marital status and  adjustments of newly married life were to blame for the fact that I  was always on my edge. Then I blamed my pregnancy hormones and soon  enough I was blaming an infants screaming demanding ways.
But truth be told, the only person to be blamed for my utter and  thorough lack of patience is my own self.
I could easily be in jail one day for abusing the poor kid every time  he does/says something I consider wrong (NOT REALLY!!-incase u guys  from NSPCC are reading this…)

So resolution number 1, is working at being a bit more patient.
Atleast with near and dear ones who usually bear the brunt of my intolerant ways.

2. Books, Music, Movies and more:

In college days I would fantasise about hobbies I would pursue when I  had resources at hand and didn’t have to spend my time cramming for   exams. But in reality, I dont prioratise any of my hobbies,  even the simple ones like reading good books or listening to  my favourite music (infact listening to any music!!!).
 A friend got me started on the reading front with an easy read ‘P.S I  love you’ (Review to be written shortly). And I hope to  read atleast some good recommended books this year. So be prepared to read reviews whether or not you care what I think:p.

3. Good Food for the family:

 Alas, we are a family of junk eaters and it shows in our sloppy  lifestyle. I think I need to do the youngest member of our clan a  huge favour by bringing only good food to the table and stashing away  the junk that is our failing.
This one is going to be tough! Especially when you are used to targeting certain sections of the supermarket and convincing yourself   that its okay to opt for convenience food. If we are all gaining  weight at this alarming rate and feeling less fit each day, then I  suppose it is not OK! 😦

4. Eliminate waste:
I am embarrassed to say this, ashamed infact, but every weekend, when I clean the refrigerator or get ready to stock it up with my weekend  shopping, I end up also throwing away a lot of food-Half eaten  cucumbers and lettuce, expired bread, pots of yoghurt with some  yoghurt still lying at the bottom, leftover rice gone dry and hard…loads of stuff that I know I wont/cant eat and hence has to be thrown away.

But such wastage, especially that of food is criminal and really there should be a law against wastage, especially considering we are  from a country where half the population cant make it to two meals a  day

And its not just wastage of food…its so many other things that unless  I change, Arjun will never appreciate we need to conserve-electricity, water, paper. Things like using tissues conservatively and lapping up all the food on the plate. Things I need to preach to Arjun when he is older, but things I need to start  practicing today!!

5. Thank You, but no sugar Please!
I have been saying this for a while now-part seriously and part in jest-that I suffer from an obseesive compulsive sugar craving disorder. I read this book titled Sugar addicts Diet which confirmed my suspicion that sugar addiction is infact real and having read all the symptoms, I must confess, I am a category 5(serious) sugar addict.

Okay, so I made up the category bit. But the addiction I am afraid is far from made up! It started with an innocent kit kat during tiring afternoon office hours or a post lunch dessert, but then progressed to regular helpings of sweets-choclates, cakes, biscuits-I crave these to distraction.

I have gone just one whole day without a sweet and I am facing withdrawal symptoms already-a headache and a constant urge to raid the cupboard that houses my Hersheys stock!

So anybody reading this-I really need to do this-Say No to Sugar that is. So help me please. Like any addict trying to restrain himself, I need support!!

6. Lose Weight Wait
Now this one is so predictable , its almost boring. So a severly overweight sloth says it wants to lose in months what its gained over years- we have heard those fantasies before havent we. Whats new! Huh!

What is new, that for a change I do have a plan. And the plan is simple-to excercise 3 days a week. Something I do so rarely these days, my muscles are aching at the mere thought of working out! :p
But considering I have been paying huge amounts into my Gym Blackhole Fund for months now, I might as well start paying regular visits. Who know, I might start enjoying work outs as I once did(long long ago…!!!)

Its been a long wait of wishing the pounds away. But if its not happened already, then I gather prayers and wishful thinking alone is not working…so I have to move my butt(quiet literally at that) and do something about this resolution!

7. Logging to this blog
I know I wont be updating this space daily or sometimes even weekly, but I intend to write when I think I want to and when something prompts me to do so. And that for 2009 is a big change.

So thats that!

My 7, very self-centric resolutions for 2009. Aspects of my life need to change and the best place to start is with myself and the extensions of myself-that is Santo and Arjun.
The men in my life are not going to be very hppy with some of the changes I am proposing( Omlette without egg yolk? U gotta be kidding-Santo; Mamma Bhaji Nakkooo-Arjun). But keeping them happy will be part of another resolution I shall perhaps adapt in 2010! 😉