Norwich experience…

When I started this blog almost 6 months back, one purpose it was meant to serve was that of a travelogue. A place for me to revisit if I wanted to recap a highlight of a trip and a tool for others planning trips to our favourite destinations!

But as in most dealings of my life, good intentions are not always followed by necessary actions!

So while I have made almost a dozen trips in these last three months alone, the number of blogs on this page-Zero!

But better late than never is a cue to correct most wrongs, so here is a quick summary for anybody who cares to read or to ignore!

End April-Norwhich experience!!

The North East of England was one area we had been curious about for a long time and we finally managed to continue our run of Summer touring(following Wales in Easter), with a weekend trip to Norfolk and the Broads.

A lovely 2.5 hour drive from London , mostly through villages and towns rather than the faster motorways, took us to our destination-Holiday Haven Holiday Park in Caister , housing our regular 10 ft wide caravan(budget accommodation), home to our troop of 5 adults and 1 child.

This trip was going to be special irrespective of how the accommodation or the journey or the final destination was, simply because we had a very welcome visitor traveling with us. Yogesh! Who finally managed to make a quick trip to London from Dubai and managed to spend some bachelor time with us before we went to India and got engaged to his little miss sunshine!

Speaking about the Norwich experience then, day 1 was spent in the cities of Norwich and Yarmouth and days 2 was spent exploring the broads.

Norwich is the commercial capital of the Norwich region of sorts and is a bustling, young and vibrant town. A bit too bustling and vibrant perhaps as we discovered when we crossed a street inhabited by some very suspicious looking gangs of teenagers who were sporting pink punks, nose rings, body piercings and eye catching tattoos.

I believe the term is whackos!

There is the lovely cathedral, which is over 900 years old and has all the charm and serenity one associates with ancient Gothic structures. It is apparently also one of the oldest churches in England.

Arjun ofcourse didn’t care a hoot about either the art or the architecture or even the inherent reverence of the place and ensured that both me and Santo were all eyes on him rather than on the lovely stained glass work or the intricate design inside the spires. The moment we took our eye off the cheeky monkey, he busied himself running and squealing with delight and the imposing walls looked like they would block us in forever until we learnt to respect the holy!

Oh well, children are messengers of god and all that, so I shouldn’t have paid much attention to glaring eyes or hushing voices…just something for me to keep in mind the next time;)

Day 2 was spent on the Norfolk Broads. A lovely boat cruise on the broads and the highlight of the trip-a 18 mile round trip through the picturesque Bure Valley countryside,following the river and passing through Wroxham, the capital of Norfolk broads.

No prizes for guessing who enjoyed the trip the most! Most steam trains are arip off because the tickets are too expensive and distances short and routes mediocre. However, full marks to the Bure Valley Steam Train. It is infact priced a bit steep, however the views are fantastic, the carriages really rustic and charming and experience is almost worth the money-atleast for a parent of an steam train loving toddler!

But the sights and attractions apart, the other highlight of the trip was the Wii and the whole load of fun we had playing it the first time.

We were so impressed, that finally last month we went and bought a brand new one for ourselves. But more about the Wii, another time…

Thanks Yo!! For making it to London in the end and for making the North East England experience a short yet sweet one!Here is a picture of Yo!! and proof that I did bake a cake for him…


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  1. Pal says:

    And why have you not participated in the Mitsubishi Driving challenge? If you win the million dollars, atleast I have some scope of knowing one millionaire, plus you might just share some moolah with me! Now go and register. Quick!!

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