Amour Paris!

Over the May bank holiday weekend(1st-5th May), we went to Paris and Disneyland Resort(Seqouia Lodge), Paris.

Many of our friends know that ‘our’ story started in Paris and we are often asked to narrate it.
But we are both unwilling to share, not so much because we are shy or embarrassed or secretive even, but simply because talking about it and putting it down to words or events or sequences, would belittle the magic we felt when we first fell in love!

But even before I fell in love with the man, I fell in love with the city-the breathtaking architecture, the diamond studded streets, the heavenly smell of bread and the confounding language and unbelievable smugness of the French!

I adored Paris the first time I ever saw it, in Oct 2002. Carefree and excited, I was a young girl ecstatic about visiting one of the most famous and talked about destinations in the world! My memories of that European holiday are very very vivid. I remember what clothes I wore, where we ate, how we traveled…and most importantly how I realized that I was falling head over heels in love with an unlikely hero.
There have been several destinations and numerous trips since. But they all fade in comparison. Neither the snobbery of the French, nor the rude, racist, rowdy Parisian ways, will ever tinge the memory of that very special Paris trip!

Almost 7 years since that last trip, now a wife and a mother, I was looking forward to reliving the Paris magic, but more in hope than in expectation. I was expecting to be disappointed and was dreading that we would come back from the trip and find that all our previous enchantment had been replaced with the mundane memory of traveling as a harried couple with a runny nosed, stubborn(albeit cute), tantrum throwing toddler!

True to our dreaded expectation, the toddler was infact snotty throughout the trip and yes he threw a tantrum every time I thought I would have a moment of quiet to take the beauty in. And no, I didn’t care too much about the architecture or the long walks or the city as I was too busy trying to figure ways to push the buggy in a city which for a famous tourist destination is surprisingly children unfriendly!!

Yet, after 3 days in Disneyland and two days covering Paris by road, rail and river, the predominant memory that I have brought away is that of falling in love all over again. This time with an almost three year old, who can make my world better with a genuine happy smile and a trusting grasp of my hands.

Just as we often go back to a temple to thank god for everything in our life and to acknowledge the gifts he gives us; as we cruised along on River Seine, I said a silent thank you to the city for providing the setting for ‘our story’……One that very many years from now,I hope I shall remember in as much detail as I do today.


5 Responses to Amour Paris!

  1. Pal says:

    Why am I teary-eyed on reading this? Beautiful post! Totally!!!

  2. Nidhi says:

    Ohhh..since when did a snotty brat like you start being so sensitive 🙂
    rula diya yaar tu ne…chho chweet blog( pardon the baby talk..i have a 4 month old!)

  3. sanyash says:

    Hey Nidhi and Pal-thanks for your comments. I suppose I got a bit carried away writing this. Mostly because I didnt imagine anybody was still visiting this page. Guess I forgot about automatic updates.

  4. sanyash says:

    And Nidhi…just for being the mother of that very cute 4 mnth old, I dont just pardon the baby talk…I am more than willing to forgive you for all your errors to date! 😛 He he…just kidding!

  5. Obelix says:

    Kya bahana dhoond rahe ho story nahi batane ka? You actually think we buy that kinda stuff? Wo to santo ke dar se insist nahi karte hum log.

    Kitna footage khaya tha pichli baar?

    Itna senti stuff huh! Santo ne padh liya to has has ke pagal ho jayega!

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