Some Sweet Some Sour!

It was the Easter bank holiday weekend and all in all it was a bit sweet and a bit sour! Heres why…(A really long post…but beats having to type emails;)



Sweet: It was Yo!!s birthday on the 11th. Yogesh or Yo!! As we call him is the bro I never had and the only one who thinks he can get away with telling me I am wrong! I don’t argue with him…well because…I am not all that silly! If we had met when we were younger , I am sure he would have pulled my braids and I would have let my pet dof loose on him(Yes, he is scared of dogs-how kiddish can one be!)

Yo!! Hope you have a great year-I have no doubt this is going to be a year you remember forever and for all the right reasons! 😉


Sour: We were hoping Yo!! Would join us for the Easter weekend, but the Visa Gods looked away and he was stuck in Dubai and we were left twiddling our thumbs because all our plans centred on whether or not Yo!! Would make it!



Sweet:  Santo worked his last minute trip planning magic and we did finally choose a destination and get our bookings in order!


Sour: The holiday Park where we booked ourselves let us down on many counts.

More about that later!



Sweet: I shopped on Thurs and bought Arjun a wooden rail track. I have wanted to get him one for a really long time now , but kept waiting to really like one which was also value for money. But then the other day in Waitrose I made this impulsive buy and Arjun has loved the tracks so much…they have been worth every penny and some!

What is it about little boys and trains and cars and planes! Actually what it is about boys(little and not so little) and wheels in general. The older of the two men in the house also treats his wheeled ride like the love of his life!


Well anyways, Arjun loves his Cho Cho Train and I can get away with quiet a few things these days-feeding him peas and dousing him with sticky cream-just as long as I let him play with his train!


I even bought him a brand new Emily engine-as a gift for liking my gift so much! Spoilt…did u say? No way! …well, maybe just a teeny weeny bit!


Sweeter: I have been looking for this Emily toy for a long time now, mainly because I wanted to gift one to Rishi-who is a very dear young boy, our neighbour and Arjuns friend and the biggest fan Thomas could ever ask for!

The joy on Rishis face, on seeing ‘His Emily’ was priceless!! And the kisses that I was awarded with-very very sweet!:) Thank u Rishi!


Sour: My resolution to stop spending on toys and clothes that Arjun could live without, didn’t last a week!!


For the uninitiated- Thomas the Tank Engine lives in the Island of Sodor with his friends. Emily is one of his friends. And Thomas though cheeky is a really useful engine…

Now I could go on and on. But I suspect not many under 5s read my site, so I couldn’t be doing my blog stats any good by talking about Thomas! In anycase I do enough of that in my daily parent life, without having to do more on this blog.


Lets just suffice to say that Thomas is every pre schoolers favourite toy at some stage or the other in his life (This is definitely true for boys!)

And in some situations he is every parents worst nightmare-simply because all these bloody branded toys are so so expensiveL and no sane adult can be happy talking about engines hour after hour day after day, year after year!!(Didn’t say anything about being sane myself! ;))


Black Car!!

Sweet: It was our first long trip in our Black Savari (Yes Yes, we still own a Zafira silly, Savari-means ‘means of transport’!) and she did us proud! No unexpected and unwelcome surprises! A very pleasant smooth ride!


Sour: The thirsty vehicle gulps fuel in barrels. I cant even bear to calculate my carbon footprints!!


Toddler on Board!!

Sweet: My little boy has now grown up! This was the first road trip with Arjun this summer and I can proudly say the boy is all grown up. He knows what clothes he wants to wear, what music he wants to listen to, what food he prefers to eat, he knows what he wants to do, he tells me when he likes something, he tells me when he doesn’t(Ok sometimes he just cries like a silly boy, but well-sometimes!).

And most importantly-he looks after himself or atleast tries to! If its cold he makes sure he is covered. When in the car he doesn’t let us leave until he is all belted down!

He makes sure we hold his hands on rough terrain and he runs for cover when he hears a car approaching. (Ok he gets the direction wrong sometimes-but atleast he runs!)


Sour: He wails and whines and stamps his feet and throws a full blown tantrum if we don’t agree on doing the things he likes L

Tantrum trouble is here to stay! Oh where have those less stressful peaceful days gone?


Toddler trouble!!

Sweet: I wouldn’t admit this to him ever…and people who see me lose my cool at the poor young chap may find this unbearably hard to believe-but I must confess I do sometimes enjoy the way Arjun troubles people with his never ending questions and quirky demands. ‘Rama, what are you doing’. ‘Ambarish, jhopu nakos(don’t sleep)’, ‘Dada, Arjun good boy ahe na!’, ‘Mamma, Tu gana nako mhanus…mamma gana mhan, Mamma Asa mhan, ata nako mhanu, …(you get the idea).’


Sour: Arjun was unwell through some legs of the trip. A slight fever, usual trouble with Eczema and a very unpleasant episode where he threw up his morning breakfast all over himself (and over us). If there is one thing that’s worse than a troublesome kid, then it is a kid who is troubled himself! L

But he is a brave chappie and he waved me a merry goodbye as he left to the nursery this morning!



Sweet: Linda was a great navigator. Linda btw, is the voiceover on our GPS. And Linda is a very persistent young woman. If you change your mind about which way you want to go, she doesn’t accept it and she will find every u turn and roundabout on the map to put you back on the original route she intended for you! But she is alright. She eventually does a bit of recalculation and gets you back on track….


Sour: Linda thinks we are very very impoverished so sometimes she goes to great lengths to send us via the cheapest route. This does mean that we end up avoiding the motorways and spend our time navigating lanes and bylanes which were never traversed since they were first built!

Taking the car through a tiny brook and over a 3 m wide road was a definite first for us. (In this country anyways!!).



Sweet: The Welsh experience. We were visiting South Wales this time around and its dotted with plenty of magnificent castles standing monumental proof of the barbaric history of the British. Built by Normals in early 17th century or dated as far as the 12th century, these castles have stood the test of time. In some cases they have just about stood the test as we witnessed leaning half broken walls threatening to fall down!!(not really!).

We saw four castles in all and my favourite was the one we saw on the last day of the trip–The Kidwelly castle-inner wall within inner wall and an intresting climb to the top of the tower via a very scary spiral stairway.

The others were lovely too and each different in its own way-The Cheapstow castle in a very pretty village called Cheapstow is the oldest stone castle in Britain, while Caerfilly is the largest and it spans across a lake and a moat and many stone walls. Or atleast that’s what the guidebook said. In reality it didn’t seem all that large!

But I suppose it’s a bit difficult to impress Indians who have seen really large stone walled castles spanning huge mountain ranges!

I don’t remember the name of the forth castle we visited, but it was on top of a hill and was worth the short hike. At this point I must mention my little hiker, who managed to trek most of the way to most of the castles and made me really proud!

He even has this tiny scrape on his knee(his first knee ‘injury’) to show for all the outdoor adventure! Well done! J


Sour: Castles are cool and everything…but really, shouldn’t there be other things to see/do on a 3 day trip! Not exactly a student of ancient history and medieval warfare, am I?

Also-3.7 GBP entry fee for every castle and then more lootmaar if you want to buy something to eat or even a simple souvenier? Daylight Robbery! All those lovely India castles offer free entry and there is even yummy buttermilk, bhutta(corn on cob) and bhajjis and Jhunka bhakar and Masala Chai to make up for all that effort spent hiking atop.

Welsh castles are not bad…but I prefer my Sinha-Loh-Toran-Rai-Raj Gads anyday!

Talking of which…I miss being in India…and I shall miss it more when its monsoon time!


Stay(Haven Holidays, Kiln Park,Tenby)

Sweet: Cheap, affordable, freshly laundered linen (thank god), good location, short walk from the beach, access to Burger King.

Sour: Match Box rooms, Power Cuts(!!!), crowded,  loud music, very little entertainment, very little information/guidance-quiet disappointing!



Sweet: We missed the dreadful London weather and enjoyed the rare sunny experience.


Sour: Apparently 15 C is now too hot for my Mumbai born, Pune bred husband, who couldn’t stop complaining about how hot it was. You would think he was stuck in the sahara(or Pune for that matter:p)



Sweet: All of the above! 🙂

Sour: Unpacking, washing, cleaning, grocery shopping, expenses, expenses, expenses!

Arjun wants to go back to his caravan!! Hmm…







5 Responses to Some Sweet Some Sour!

  1. Pal says:

    Thats a lovely account of your trip. Now, I don’t even need to ask you what you did and how you liked it. Your blog speaks for itself and for all of you. Glad you had a great time!! Wish u had dropped in yday though 🙂
    C ya!

  2. sanyash says:

    Yes…the blog doesnt really beat emails or animated fone calls and personal reporting, does it:)

    Btw, surprised you havent commented on Emily…considering your relationship with Thomas is much closer than my own! 😉

  3. Pal says:

    Emily is our current deity , ever since u gave it to R. Like the old movie says ‘I can talk English..walk English..blah blah’, R says ‘I play with Emily, eat with Emily, even sleep with Emily in my little hands!’ :-)))

  4. Shyam says:

    nice one..looks like you guys enjoyed the trip..
    Let Yo enjoy his ‘romance’ period…y do u want to drag him there!!?? 😉

    p.s: its time for a new blog…?

  5. Yogesh says:

    You pretty much covered everything that the easter was all about, nice one! Your blogs make me smile, smile and smile! And when I am a part of it, I am always scared whats coming next!

    I have my usual lessons every fortnight to go through all engine names, you dont want to look foolish in front of kids, sometimes! And that too not in front of Arjun who shouts at the airport coffee shop – Bad Boy Rama, Bad boy Mamma, Bad Boy Dada! He is not impartial to anybody so ends with Bad Boy Yogesh!

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