Happy Birthday Rambhau…

Happy Birthday To you,

Happy Birthday To you,

You look like a monkey

And you act like one too…


Ok, I know its not the most original poem that has been written…But I did badly want to write a poem for Rama on his birthday! Unfortunately I have been hit by the writers block (some excuse that is!)


Anyways let me resort to prose- Rama is one of the few surviving friends in UK…few in UK that is…and a very very dear member of the extended(!) family!

Always trying to spread his wings, always trying to be different, always ready to experiment and usually always succeeding in what he sets out to do…he is someone we all dote on!

So here wishing him another great year.


25 is the sort of unofficial age for marriage eligibility for boys isn’t it?

 So RAMA, do expect loads of leg pulling, hint dropping and remark making going forward and be prepared to answer the question…’To, shadi wade ke kya plans hain!’.

And don’t even bother telling us once and for all,  that you have quiet a few other things to do before you can consider marriage-such as studies etc…we will still harass u! J


As for a gift…you have all our love and blessings…do you really need anything else? I didn’t think so either…


Finally a second attempt at a verse…


Heres to the past-an year awarded with smiles

A new home, a huge bonus, world trips!

And all those Marathon Runners clocked miles!


Heres to the present,

A day that’s all yours!

Cut your cake and treat your peers 😉


Heres to the future,

Wishing all your dreams come true,

May the pet goldfish live long

And may the pretty girl come along!


Perhaps you will build that six pack,

And surely your dreams will travel the fast track!

That elusive London marathon place will be won,

And swimming, salsa, new languages-all-Well Done!


But even if none of these things come true,

May we spend your next merry birthday with you!




2 Responses to Happy Birthday Rambhau…

  1. Pal says:

    Oh that’s so sweet. What a beautiful bday gift for Rama. It was touching, actually!

    Rama, in case u read this, please accept our wishes too, for a very happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead.

  2. Rambhau says:

    Thank you … Thank you …. and once again thank you …

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