The earth hour…

We participated in the Earth hour this Saturday evening…not very sure if it actually did any good to the environment and I wonder if any global leaders took notice of the fact that the lights were dimmed in one lone house in the Isle of Dogs…I suspect not! I wasnt disillusioned about what I was participating in…! But someone told me to switch off for an hour on a Saturday evening and assured me that the rst of the world would do the same and I was ready to do it…

Led me to think…why werent more people telling me to do more of those things that I know I shoud do, but dont…simply because I couldnt be bothered and because I am so pathetically unprovoked. Every time I switch on the telly or read the newspaper or look out of the window while travelling by road, I have people telling me what to eat and what clothes to buy and how to switch to a better car insurance.

Why isnt there always something glaring me in the face and asking me to save water and electricity and fuel. Why dont I have a choice between buying something thats wrapped in layers and layers of fancy plastic as opposed to buying something that packaged to be environmentally friendly. Why dont I get taxed for negligence everytime I leave the lights on in the house as if I were celebrating Diwali!
Is it enough to pay for these commodities we use? Shouldnt we be asked to justify why we use up as much of these precious resources that we do!

Or perhaps all these warnings and rules are around me and I just choose not to look at them!

2 Responses to The earth hour…

  1. Pal says:

    And why didn’t u tell me about Earth Hour too? Btw, visiting here after a long long time. Nice new layout.

  2. Shyam says:

    All these are foreign concepts! Pune and mumbai have been participating in earth hours daily 🙂

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