Sleep Tight…. Good Night!

 Its ironic…you really cant appreciate the term ‘Sleeping like a baby’ until you have seen your own baby wrapped up in the warmth of peaceful slumber! And yet, once you have had a baby, you rarely sleep like a baby yourself!

I cant remember the last time I had a good nights sleep…First I am not allowed to go to bed when I want to. If I am tired and feel like an early night in, Arjun decides its story time or nappy change time or simply jumping on the bed time!

And if instead I want to stay awake and maybe watch that movie running on TV, then Arjun declares he wants to go to bed, just when we are getting to the interesting part!


After loads of patience, when we do finally manage to put him to bed, there is still no guarantee he wont wake up for a midnight drinky or simply to ensure that I am lying next to him.


When he isn’t kicking me or strangling me or throwing my sheets onto the floor, he is busy scratching himself or covering his head with the pillow!

There is just no way both me and Santo can sleep peacefully, when all the time we are worrying about waking up and finding Arjun fallen off on the floor!!


But it isn’t as if any of these things disturb Arjun…he sleeps like an angel exploring the entire length and breadth of the bed!

Its just us…who spend an awful time watching and worrying!!


Oh when does this change? When can we all go back to sleeping peacefully and blissfully?

2 Responses to Sleep Tight…. Good Night!

  1. uday says:

    I am sure that this habit of Arjun he has not picked up from u…:)

    You never ever tossed us around the bed…you may be a wonderful kid
    or may be
    this must be the basic difference between boy and girl kid…..:)

    but still you did play your part also..:p
    you did wake us up in mid nites many times but mostly this used to be when u felt hungry….
    except one night when you kept us up and you kept repeating…”light band karu naka”…”light band karu naka”….some 250 times or more….believe me we counted those patiently….:)and all this you did with closed eyes:)

    so….kids are kids…and they are the one who make you realize what you would have done/troubled to your parents:p

  2. Obelix says:

    Kaka good that you pointed out how crazy yashada is for food. Lahanpani uthaychi te pan fakta khanyasathi. What Yashada!

    Dont listen to all she is saying about Arjun, half of the times she must be waking up for muffins in the cupboard. Arjun just ek bahana hai.

    Isnt it Yashada?

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