Gift that rewards or gift that spoils?

Arjun has been invited to two Birthday parties this Sunday( He leads a far more exciting social life than I do!)- a five year boy and another that of a six year old girl!


I was speaking to the boys mum and asking her what her son was getting as a gift from them. Her response shocked me!

She told me her 5 year old asked for a Nintendo Wii. I was about to laugh and comment on how ludicrous yet cute the kids demand was. Expecting fully that, the mum would laugh with me. Instead she went on to elaborate that they had infact bought the Wii, that was asked for and were now thinking of what other addendums they could buy to go with the console!


If at all there was a hint for me there, I chose not to take it!


Am I overreacting? Or do you also agree that our generation is going overboard in trying to meet their kids every demand!

I am myself of the opinion that people who say that the last generation was better than this one are often really pessimists who choose to live in rose –tinted memory lanes.


But in this instance, I am tempted to compare expectations to my own childhood (I do realize its an unfair comparison, nevertheless).
I think I can safely assume that I speak for all of my friends when I say that when we were younger, gifts and toys were a lot more special-not only because they were rare, but also because in most instances they were well earned!


I remember one of my first gifts, it was a Carrom Board that dad bought me when I was 10. It was my reward for being a first ranker among all sections. As it turns out, I was pretty lousy at Carrom and never really used the board much. Yet, to this date, the memories associated with that gift are very very special.


I do think that its bad enough to make a gaming console available to a kid who is not even five, but what is worse is to give it to him only because he turned five and not as a reward for an achievement however trivial.


Then again, I am the pot that calls the kettle black!


Arjun is only two and not even very vocal in his demands. Yet, he has more toys and books than the sum of toys that Santo and me had through our entire childhood and teens!


If I were to stack all his toy cars one above the other, it would lead to a one storeyed building! When he had barely started walking, we had bought him a tricycle and he was gifted a scooter.

He can barely recognize colors and alphabets and yet he has a huge collection of books and puzzles.

Only because he likes the Thomas theme song, we have atleast a dozen Thomas DVDs at home.

He has clothes that he hasn’t used more than twice before he has outgrown them.

His artistic skill is limited to random scribbling and an accidental complete circular sketch, yet he has 3 doodle pads, several activity books, a magnetic board, a roll desk and a proper desk!

Granted, that he is too young to be really spoiled. But while I am being judgmental about my friend, am I also not all set to spoil Arjun in the same way in the next 3 years?


Though like I said before , a comparison is unfair, yet I think I was far luckier than Arjun is! If someone asked me what my favourite toy/book/thing was, I knew and my answer hasn’t changed after so many years.

If someone were to ask Arjun-would he able to answer? He is, after all, spoilt for choice!


Disclaimer: Anybody reading should not assume that I am discouraging you from giving Arjun gifts! Did I ever say spoiling Arjun is a bad thing? 😉

Please continue to spoil him…infact you are welcome to spoil all of us at home 😛


3 Responses to Gift that rewards or gift that spoils?

  1. Yogesh says:

    Giving gifts to Arjun is a trade between us and him. Do we ask your permission ever? 🙂

    And when I was reading this only one thought came to my mind – Look who’s talking!

    Only the last sentence of the blog made real sense to me and I said – that’s Yashada!

  2. anju says:

    I agree with YO! I was also thinking the same.. I am very sure you are going to gift arjun wii if he asks abt it on his 5th B’day.

  3. sanyash says:

    Santo might train Arjun to ask for one sooner…maybe on the next birthday :p

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