Bloody Haircut!

Naah, not foul mouthing…I mean literally!

Gave Arjun his quarterly haircut while he was sleeping this afternoon. No change in strategy there…I always cut his hair when he is having his afternoon nap.
It saves having to fight flaying arms and legs and also circumvents the need for restraining handcuffs and such. There is also lesser likelihood of me nipping his ears off or missing his hairline and targeting his eyebrows instead!
Not exaggerating-all of this and worse could happen if he had his eyes open and saw me perform a surgical procedure on his precious hair!

But inspite of the precautions, there still was a bit of bloodshed! In trying to be a thorough professional and covering every wayward strand, I managed to cut the cobweb ligament between my two fingers and there was a sudden gush of blood, down my fingers into Arjuns hair, dripping onto his forehead! Quiet dramatic! 😉
And incase you are wondering how I managed to do it, just pick up a pair of scissors and give the whole haircutting bit  a try- nipping your own hand, its very easily done! Infact, I wonder if its an occupational hazard!

Anyways, now a few hours since the incident, I only have a very tiny cut to show for it. It didn’t warrant even a second look from Santo, so I am unlikely to get much sympathy from anybody else! But believe me, it hurts!!!
Its a sharp pain, like a toothache!


Talking of toothaches, a colleague at work was complaining of a painul tooth yesterday, so I sent him an excerpt from Ogden Nashs Poem ‘This is going to hurt just a little bit’. I was hoping it would cheer him up to know that a fear of the dentist is universal behavioral characteristic. But gauging by his reaction, he wasnt very amused by my kind gesture!
People can be so ungrateful!

Coming back to Arjuns haircut. Incase you are curious to know how good the outcome was…Well, lets just say that I am no serious threat to Edward scissor hands! 😦

There is certainly less hair on Arjuns head than there was before and I am sure he is a few ounces lighter. Other than that, there is very little I can boast about! I have now given my poor handsome kid the look of a wet duckling. Until he is all grown up, I suppose I can get away with these things. However, I suppose I couldn’t count on hairdressing being an alternate vocation.

What the hell…I just have to keep looking for something else then…Any Suggestions?



One Response to Bloody Haircut!

  1. Yogesh says:

    Did you take a snap of the bloodshed? You shud have taken it.

    Dont try to fool arjun! He definitely must have been wondering that mom did something funny to me.

    Put up a snap of the cut too on the page! We will show some sympathy.

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