Krsihna Mama India Aeroplane…

Alka, Ashwini, Kedar, Shubhangi, Rama, Rajesh, Shravanti,Yogesh and now Krishna.

Every time one of them left, I humoured myself that distance doesnt change relationships. But for all practical purposes, it does. I want to be able to speak to each of these special people, to be able to update them of happenings  in our lives and to be part of theirs. I want to look at their pictures of babies and spouses and latest roommates. But just as you make more friends, you also sometimes stop having time for being a friend to all your friends!

Yet, I know that all them who were one of the first people to see Arjun, will hold a special place in my heart, even if we dont manage to stay in touch.

Krishna, who was with us in London for almost as long as we were, left yesterday morning and I spent a restless day wondering how I was going to explain his departure to Arjun.
But that discerning kid seems to have accepted the fact.  Earlier this evening, he said he wanted to meet Krishna but when I explained to him that Krishna was not around anymore because he is now in India, he asked me did he go by aeroplane?
I think Arjun has accepted the fact that the people whose company he loves-Aajis and Abbas and now Mamas too, hop onto that aeroplane and leave and go to India and then he cant meet them as often as he would like.

I wish I could accept facts as easily though…because I did miss seeing Krishna when we went to his place today. And I wished for a minute I hadnt always ragged him and bullied him and had instead spent some time finding out where his heart has been lately.

Krishna, if at all you ever read this-Wish you the best and if we get another chance to be with you in the same way as we were the last three years, then it would make Santo, Arjun and me, very very happy!
I am going to miss you :((

8 Responses to Krsihna Mama India Aeroplane…

  1. Pal says:

    Hey Yashada,
    Congrats on starting your own blog! Wonderful. And I did enjoy reading all your posts. Quite a lot of them already, considering its not even a week into ’09. Well done, and I hope to read more and more of your fantastic writing (see, I can spot writing talent!!).
    (P.S: ‘SanYash’ is a very nice name…meaningful).

  2. Pal says:

    OOps..didn’t leave a link to my blog:

  3. Yogesh says:

    You seem to had an ample time away from Arjun on 1st Jan that you have posted so-so many blogs. I guess it seems all happened at night on 1st after your great dinner together.

    Please add one more resolution to this new year for benefit of others. Being online and starting your webcam every time you find your mom-dad and rest of the family, santo’s family, me and any other friends who wish to see Arjun and you people too.

    It was fun reading each of your blogs and I suppose I am going to copy you. Its like a open diary or log of activities you have been doing your entire life.

  4. Rambo says:

    Thats another resolution added to my long list … read your blog regularly and comment :D. And haa Rama left london but is back so update update 😉

    The under construction needs some new bricks. Looks it may find some inspirational bricks from you. keep the blog going !!!

  5. sanyash says:

    Thanks Pal, Yo!! and Rama!
    Until today nobody was reading this, so I could write what I wished and how I wished:p. Now I suppose I will have to be careful about bad mouthing any of u 🙂
    More importantly I have to work on the look and feel of this page. But writing posts is time consuming, so when and how I will manage to really work on the aesthetics of this page, I am not sure.
    Maybe I should patao Santo-who is anyday better at these tasks than I am!:)

    But thank u all for your encouragement!

  6. sanyash says:

    Well it was around 2-3 a.m when I wrote that first blog. SO yes, I did have time away from Arjun-he was in blissfull slumber:)
    Last nite again, I had to stay up late. But I dont know how often I can be nocturnal(I am not blessed with the BAT like DNA that u and Rambo have been blessed with!)
    I doubt u had fun reading the blog, but atleast its a way fo keeping in touch with friends!

  7. Santo says:

    Well I echo my better half’s words and wish that by some magic we all can come back together and have the same kind of get togethers with a much grown up ARJUN :).
    So you folks – Alka, Ashwini, Kedar, Shubhangi, Rajesh, Shravanti,Yogesh, Krishna please plan our get-together .. Though I know you would rather have me plan !!!

  8. Yogesh says:

    Santo, you said it man! A get together will be so cool. Ofcourse we look to you for planning a get together without any any any doubt! 😉

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